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An Easier Way To Access Government Benefits

Bring streamlined access to government benefits directly to your members, giving them financial support when they need it the most.

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Today, $140 billion in government benefits (food stamps, utilities/internet subsidies, etc.) are left unclaimed.

Lack of Awareness

90% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck do not know about the full package of benefits they are eligible for.

Complicated Processes

Screening for benefits requires inputting pages of data, from income to internet expenses. This is a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Enrollment Challenges

Each government benefit has its own enrollment processes. 80% of applications end up being rejected, resulting in frustration and wasted time.

Why Starlight?

Enable streamlined access to government benefits for your members, with our embedded solutions.

Save money for your members. Save members $1,200/year, by unlocking access to more government benefits in less time.

Increase retention and financial health. By putting more money back into your customer's bank accounts, they are more likely to retain, repay loans, and stay financially healthy.

Integrate easily. We've built powerful APIs, SDKs, and pre-built user interfaces, so you don't have to. Start offering access to government benefits in hours.

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